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3:48pm on Thursday, 11th April, 2013:



I found this scrap of paper today from about 2002 (judging by the dates on the scraps of paper surrounding it):

It looks to be the notes of a melody. My guess is that I tought of it while driving the car and when I got home I just scribbled it down.

If you're interested, this is what it sounds like (courtesy of ButtonBass and Audacity). Playing it through, I think it sounds better if there's a half beat between the E and C of each line, with the C only being half length. I would have thought so when I wrote it too, though, which means I must have written it with a specific purpose in mind. That would also be why I kept it.

As for what that purpose was, well that's a challenge left me by my 2002 self...

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