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6:17pm on Wednesday, 9th October, 2013:

On the News


My wife was on the local TV news last night, unbeknown to her. There was a signal failure on the main railway line into London from our direction just before rush hour. People were going to the station and turning back rather than wait for a train, it was awful. My wife got to the station at about 7:10am and didn't get on a train until 9:30. It arrived in London at 10:45 (normally the journeys take about an hour). After she'd been waiting awhile, a camera crew from the BBC arrived and started rolling. My wife was in three short snippets they showed: looking confused on the platform; finally boarding a train; smiling widely on the platform.

This serves her right for having gloated ay the people who drive to work for the delays they endured on Monday when a lorry crashed through the central reservation of the A12 just before rush hour leading to the closure of the road for several hours.

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