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2:35pm on Sunday, 9th June, 2013:

Hong Kong Vignette


[Now up to date!] Some things I noted as I wandered around Hong Kong's central district today:

The numbers on the cash machines go 978 654 321 0, not 123 456 789 0. I actually had to recall my PIN.

Queues in Hong Kong work the same as in England, until they start to move. Then, it's a free-for-all. The only advantage of being before someone else in a queue is that you get a head start on them.

Wow! They have moths the size of wrens here!

Fewer people would feel the need to wear face masks if more people made an effort to cover their mouths when they sneezed.

There's a local clothing brand called WANKO.

Pizza Hut here defines "thin and crispy" rather more literally than in the UK. It was like eating a pizza topping on a cream cracker.

Judging by the number of signs asking specifically for a "filippino chef", there must be a shortage of them.

In the taxi, we were overtaken at speed by seven white Toyota sports cars and one black one, weaving in and out of the traffic with impunity. Probably a Jackie Chan movie or something...

The walking pace on the street is much slower than I find comfortable. It could be the crowds or it could be that the average leg length here is much shorter so people take shorter steps. Most local women don't evencome up to my shoulder.

The signs for the airport come with a picture of a plane. Nothing noteworthy about that, but next to them for most of the way are the signs for Disneyland. These come with a 3-circle Micky Mouse logo.

My new alarm clock is languishing in the bin, except for its batteries that I removed in case I need them some time.

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