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8:32am on Friday, 8th March, 2013:

Missing Names


As part of International Women's Day, games trade magazine MCV has published a list of "Top Women In Games". They were aiming for 50 but got so many nominations that they went for 100.

Several of these women are academics, which is refreshing to see. They're:

Some of those universities are nothing institutions. Some of those jobs are nothing jobs. Some of those academics don't even have PhDs.

Where's Tanya Krzywinska? She's an actual professor at Brunel! Where's Helen Kennedy? She's deputy head of the whole Culture, Media and Drama group at the University of the West of England! Both these women have been president of DiGRA. Both of them have written strings of books.

Why do these lists always contain some scrapings from the bottom of the barrel when there are people at the top whom they've missed?

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