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6:45pm on Thursday, 7th November, 2013:

Dark Forces at Work


Because I was travelling on Tuesday, my 9am Tuesday lecture was rescheduled to 5pm Thursday, which is in about 15 minutes as I write this. Because of the time change, I may see some new faces there.

I was going to upload the slides this morning, but was told my home page couldn't be found. OK, not a problem. I also had to print some notes for my lab this afternoon. The printer denied me access. Now that was a problem — I had to beg one of the administrators to print off my file so I could photocopy it. Then the photocopier wouldn't recognise me and I had to beg another administrator for a photocopier code.

In the lab, where my 3rd-year students played MUD2, I couldn't log in to the lab computers. Fortunately, none of the students swore and needed to be FODded (unlike what happened last year). I found out from the technicians that my name had disappeared from the network authority list. They've added it as a visitor name while they find out what caused this, but these named have to propagate across the network. I still can't log in on any university computer apart from the one in my office.

Remember how I said my netbook PC started giving off smoke earlier this week? Normally, I would lecture from that machine. However, because it died, I can't. Not to worry, though: there are presentation PCs in all the teaching rooms, so I can simply lecture from one of those. Yes, the right fonts won't be installed, but I can make accommodation for that.

Except, I can't log in to those computers right now, any more than I can log into the lab computers. This means I have to lecture without slides, directly from my notes. My notes, which are on my PC in a Powerpoint file that I can't print off.

I've just had to beg one of the admin staff to print off my Powerpoint slides so I have something to lecture from. This is going to go wonderfully.

Oh, and I lost my voice during the MUD2 demo because of this wretched cough, and it could happen again any moment.

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