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9:33am on Wednesday, 6th February, 2013:



Because the office I work in at home has never been decorated since we moved into this house 18 years ago, I'm in the process of boxing up its contents for storage elsewhere in the house until it's done. I'm not in any hurry, especially as I make a point of stopping every time my wife comes in to make veiled accusations that I'm hoarding stuff ("Do you read any of these books?", that kind of thing). Yes, this does probably mean the end of my QBlog occasional series, Where I Work.

Anyway, this morning it was the turn of my PC games. I filled up two crates with them, but decided there were some I really ought to get rid of so had something of a clearout. The main reasons I got rid of them were:

I did keep some other games that actually fit the above categories, mainly for educational purposes ("See how bad Master of Orion 3 is, how flawed Master of Orion 2 is and how good Master of Orion is") or because I hold out hope that eventually someone is going to fix them (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic).

I also kept some that are old and won't run any more but they may have historical value, particularly boardgame conversions: Kingmaker, Diplomacy, Advanced Civilization, 1830. I may buckle, though, as they come in huge boxes and take up a lot of room.

Heaven help me when I get to my classical music cassette tape collection...

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