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3:52pm on Wednesday, 4th December, 2013:

Visit Day


It was the first visit day of the academic year today. A visit day is one in which prospective students come to the university to have a look round and to be interviewed. It helps us find out who we want here and helps them find out if they want to be here.

That's all by the bye, though. The important thing is that we lecturers get free sandwiches for lunch.

Every year, some old varieties of sandwich are phased out and some new ones are introduced. There are some staples (when all else fails, you can always rely on the egg ones) but usually there's some experimentation. The first visit day of the academic year is therefore a source of excitement tinged with a little dread. What will we be being served up for the next 4 months for our free lunch?

The big newcomer this time was a spring onion and mayonnaise sandwich. When I picked one up, I'd done so in the belief it was some kind of egg-with-green-stuff-in-it variation, but soon discovered it was Something New. Actually, it wasn't bad at all.

I won't be having any more, though. There's no need, given the fact that several hours later I can still taste nothing else in my mouth but spring onions, despite everything else I've eaten since then. I'll probably still be able to taste it in April...

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