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9:03pm on Saturday, 3rd August, 2013:



We went to the Cheddar Gorge today, a journey of about 40 minutes or, if you have a satnav with the predilictions of ours, an hour and a quarter. It's several decades since I was last there, but the caves with their set-piece reflection pools were just as good as I remember.

The weather was somewhat worse than last time, though, with powerful showers every few minutes. I thought that the gorge had its own micro-climate, but there was nothing micro about those raindrops...

The reason we went there was that it had a Grommit. Bristol and its environs are host to 80 of these as a 10-week charity event. My elder daughter has seen almost all of them, but not the one at Cheddar as it's not exactly in Bristol. Here it is:

As you can see, they're better than the usual fare of cows, gorillas or (in Colchester at the moment) giraffes.

It's just as well they don't have any Wallaces to accompany them, though: they'd be enormous.

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