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6:58pm on Monday, 3rd June, 2013:

No Nook


I was planning on putting one of my novels on the Nook, on the basis that if my elder daughter has bought one there must be other people who have, too. After converting it into epub format, I uploaded it to nookpress.com and checked it out. It looked good, but told me I needed to set up a vendor account if I wanted to sell it. Vendor accounts require a "routing number" for a bank account and an "Ssn or Itin". Routing numbers are used only the USA and were superseded years ago by IBAN/Swift (even in the USA). SSN and ITIN are both American things, too.

Well, that's me stuffed. It's also the Nook stuffed if it wants to make a dent in the Kindle's market.

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