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5:42pm on Monday, 1st April, 2013:



It's time for more recently-acquired cards for my antique playing card collection.

Hey — wait!

Damn. Oh well, here are the cards anyway:

These are from my favourite manufacturer, Dondorf of Frankfurt am Main. They're a pattern called Rokoko, which was in print between 1889 to 1933; mine date from before 1906, because they started adding index numbers and jokers in that year.

Interestingly, my cards didn't come in a regular Dondorf box. Dondorf's boxes are quite flimsy, but these were in a sturdy two-part box by Haig (the whisky people). The seller assured me that it was original, but I don't think it is. It's grey and looks as if it used to have a card pasted to it originally (it's not there now), so people could tell what the backs of the cards inside would look like; however, given that the backs of these cards are pink with honeysuckle on them, that's not really what you'd expect from a 100-year-old deck promoting whisky...

The cards are in good condition, though. I'm quite pleased with them.

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