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4:25pm on Wednesday, 28th November, 2012:

Three Oddities


I went to London early this morning for a breakfast meeting. Three odd things happened.

1) While waiting at Liverpool Street for an underground train, a man nearby dropped his mobile phone. He reached down to pick it up, when the back suddenly sprang off as if making an escape bid. It landed on the track just as the train approached. I didn't see the front of his phone so can't be sure what make it was, but it was quite short and wide so my guess is that it was a Blackberry. Whatever it is, it doesn't have a back any more.

2) While using the gents at St Pancras, the man at the urinal next to me suddenly announced, "worst noise in the world". In the UK, speaking to strangers at urinals is a major breach of social etiquette — so much so that you could probably use it as evidence of mental illness. He then added the words "Hand dryers", by way of explanation.

3) Walking down Gower Street, I passed a young man (possibly a student) using his mobile phone to record a movie of the legs of an older man walking in front of him alongside some other older man with whom the first older man was conversing. The chances are, he was unaware that he was being filmed. I guess it could have been part of an art project or study in gait, but it was a little weird. I got ahead of all three of them as fast as I could so I didn't find the backs of my own legs starring on Youtube.

All part of life's rich tapestry...

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