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5:23pm on Tuesday, 28th August, 2012:

Alternate Day


A busy day for me today. I had to visit my mother, then go to Colchester to buy currency and other sundries for an upcoming (as in, going tomorrow) trip to Denmark followed by a slightly less upcoming (as in going a week from today) vacation. I had to prepare a talk, then go to the university and deliver the talk to camera. I then had to return home and comment on a document as part of a consultancy I'm engaged in at the moment. Oh, and I also had to put the Scalextric back in the attic.

I was therefore not best pleased when about a mile from my mum's house, the alternator on my car failed and the engine cut out as I was making a right turn at traffic lights. I managed to restart it, but it cut out another three times before I got to my mother's. The AA came and rigged up a second battery so I could drive to a garage in Colchester to get it repaired. I managed to get the garage to accept the job, but it's touch and go whether I'll have to car back in time before I need it to drive to Stansted tomorrow.

So, that rather blew a hole in my day.

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