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11:43am on Friday, 23rd March, 2012:

Digital Surrey


I was guest speaker at Digital Surrey yesterday. This is a monthly event attended by people who work in the digital industries in, er, Surrey. They spend some time networking and eating biscuits, then there's then talk, then they spend more time networking and doing whatever it is people do in barts. There were 75 of them in the audience, which is quite impressive. Surrey does have rather more digital media companies than the wilds of Essex (it's a computer games hub), but still, 75 is a very good turnout.

The talk I gave was an updated version of one I gave in 2008 at IMGDC. I don't normally repeat talks, but what they wanted me to talk about was exactly what that talk did talk about, so on this occasion I did repeat it. It makes mention of four movies: High Noon, The Misfits, Dirty Harry and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. When I first gave it, it went down very well. It also seemed to go down well yesterday, leastwise no-one threw their biscuits at me. I think I may have given a version of it at the University of Staffordshire in 2008, too, as it was recognised by an audience member of who been at that talk.

As the talk covers some of the things I want to discuss with my students, last year I incorporated it into my lectures. I had high hopes for it, but it sank like a stone. In fact, it went so badly that this year I pulled it and talked about neural needlers instead. The reason it flopped was because none of my students had seen any of the movies in question.

Damn this getting older malarkey; my cultural references are all shot to pieces...

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