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9:27am on Thursday, 22nd March, 2012:



I was interviewed on BBC Radio Essex this morning to express my views on the government's proposed tax breaks for the games industry. Having genned up on it from the Develop site, I was able to repeat a number of key facts and figures with impressive accuracy. Some of the figures may even have matched the facts with which I associated them.

The interview was by phone at 8:07, which meant that I was rather alarmed to see my wife on the phone chatting to my elder daughter at 8:05. Fortunately, the interview was delayed a minute or so because overhead power lines had come down on the railway between Chelmsford and Shenfield, causing people to take to their cars on the A12, which meant a 3-vehicle accident led to 6-mile queues that a reporter was patched in to report on live from a bridge ("I can't see the scene of the accident from here").

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