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7:06pm on Thursday, 19th July, 2012:



Today's the day my students get their degrees (well, except for the ones who declined to pass their exams and who will be resitting them in September, hopefully not when I'm on holiday).

I like to go and see my students in their finery. In part it's so I can find out what they got, and in part it's so their parents can be reassured that they were taught by a human and not a video recording, but it's also because I've seen them once or twice a week for two years (I don't teach first-years) and I want to say goodbye and wish them well. Some of them will have jobs, some of them will have interviews for jobs, some of them will be going on to do a higher degree, some of them will still be looking. If they're looking in the games industry I can sometimes help, although this year we have several students who either already make and sell their own games or who have won competitions to make games, so they don't really need any help.

Unfortunately, though, this year I can't be at the degree ceremony. The reason for this is that it's on right now as I type this: it's from 6pm to 7:30pm. I had to pick up my younger daughter at 5:45pm from a day at my mother's, and now we've got home I'm waiting for the phone call from my wife to tell me to go pick her up from the train station. I did drop in at the university from 5:15pm to 5:30pm in case I could see anyone I knew, but I didn't. Maybe they were inside the lecture theatre for the actual ceremony?

Oh well. It's a stupid time to hold a degree ceremony anyway...

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