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5:07pm on Tuesday, 18th December, 2012:

Motorway Driving


My younger daughter drove half the way to Grantham. My dad asked me if she'd driven on any motorways, but I said no because there aren't any motorways the way we came.

Driving back, the dual carriageway was getting busy and we were overtaking truck after truck. My daughter said that even once she's passed her test she won't be driving on any motorways for a while until she feels more confident. I told her not to worry, they're not all that bad.

Ten minutes later, the A1 turned into the A1(M), three lanes wide plus a two-lane slip road. We were surrounded by cars out of nowhere. I made my daughter pull over onto the hard shoulder at the first opportunity and took over driving from her.

Fortunately, she's 18 now so I can't be prosecuted for child abuse over the trauma she suffered.

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