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6:17pm on Saturday, 17th March, 2012:

Better Late than Never


We went to London today (train, bus, train — I'll be glad when the Olympics are over and they stop doing maintenance work on the railway line) to meet up with elder daughter Jenny, was was MCing some AHS conference. It's always good to be in London on Saint Patrick's Day, as you can see small groups of Americans wandering around wearing big green hats and shamrock make-up among crowds of locals who aren't even aware that it is Saint Patrick's Day, let alone motivated to celebrate it in any way.

Ah, yes, the subject of this post: Jenny finally got around to giving me my birthday present. This is it:

It's the Queen of Spades from Dondorf #187 ("Stuart Times"), which she hand-painted herself (er, Jenny did it, that is, not the Queen of Spades).

It may be 2 months too late, but she knows what buttons to press when it comes to presents...

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