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2:21pm on Wednesday, 16th May, 2012:

Here and Not Here


I'm now safely sitting in my hotel room in Edinburgh. It was touch and go for a while, because when I checked in at reception they didn't have my name on their list of reservations. I wasn't there under my own name, the name of the person who had booked the room for me nor the name of the conference. I wasn't booked at any time during the next year.

Scary stuff. It once happened to me in Singapore, and I had to stay in a hotel that rented some of its rooms by the hour until I could get into the hotel I was originally booked for (not that this was a great hotel either: as one of my colleagues said at the time, "prior to staying in this hotel, I held the belief that toilets were input-only devices").

Anyway, it turned out today that the reason I didn't have a room was because I'd already checked in. Except, of course, I'd come here straight from the airport so knew I hadn't checked in.

Damn it, don't you hate it when those alternate universes intersect with ours?

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