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6:38am on Wednesday, 14th March, 2012:



I'm giving a talk at the University of Lincoln today.

Lincoln is a 3-hour drive away. Here are my instructions for how to get to the university once I get to Lincoln:

You may find it easiest to access the University via the A57 (Lincoln Central turn off the A46 Lincoln bypass), turn right at the junction at the end of Carholme Road, up over the flyover, down to the roundabout at the end of Tritton Road, go right around the roundabout, so you're back up onto the flyover and turn left at the traffic light on the flyover to access the University entrance ramp. Down the ramp to the mini roundabout, turn right, along past the student blocks, bear left at the end through the marina gate entrance and straight ahead to the car park.

Well that's one way to make sure you don't get anyone going to a university who ought not to be there.

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