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8:57am on Tuesday, 10th January, 2012:

52 Today


It's my birthday today. I'm 52, which is either the number of cards in a pack or of weeks in a year, depending on whether or not you're a gamer.

Last week, my mother asked me what I wanted as a present. Having taken the precaution of thinking in advance of something both suitable and within her price range, I was able to tell her I wanted a DVD of a 1980 movie, Breaking Glass. I saw this once when I was a student, and although I have the soundtrack I've never seen the movie since. I saw a lot of films back then (as a member of FilmSoc), but this is one of the few stand-outs. I therefore asked my mother to get it.

She tried in Colchester HMV, but they didn't have it. OK, fair enough, it's a little obscure; I said I'd get it myself off the Internet.

It turns out it's more than a little obscure. It's not available on DVD except for region 1 (North America); the UK is in region 2. You can get it from the USA on Blu-ray with an open region, but I don't have a Blu-ray player. There are bootleg DVDs copied from VHS tapes that I won't buy on principle, and some original VHS tapes that sell for like £99.

Oh well. I went instead for Moon, which we bought for Christmas a couple of years ago but that when we got around to watching it we discovered they'd given us the director's commentary disc instead of the actual movie.

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