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12:50pm on Sunday, 8th April, 2012:

fod player x me


I found this old mouse mat in the laptop case I used to transport my old laptop to my mum's house:

It dates from the Wireplay incarnation of MUD2, and is a screenshot of the game as it looked in the Wireplay-specific client back then. Sadly, the people who wrote it only provided an executable and they closed the company afterwards, so no-one uses this client today. They don't use Wireplay, either, come to that.

The mouse mat was one of two batches we had made (the first one sold out). I kept this one because it wasn't printed properly — there's a white line down the left edge where it doesn't align — so I couldn't really sell it.

I'd eBay it as important MMO historical ephemera, except that it would raise less than the postage cost to send it to the winner.

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