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3:23pm on Monday, 5th March, 2012:

New Appearance


Last week, I installed Ubuntu on my PC. I was hoping to do it using Wubi rather than partitioning my hard drive, but when I tried it the installer just went ahead and partitioned the drive anyway. Fortunately, as I had taken the precaution of defragmenting it first, so there was no harm done. All that remained was figuring out how to make it so that Windows was the default choice on the Grub2 dual-boot system and I was all set. Oh, and there was the half-hour wait because during the installation the screen went blank and refused to come back despite the fact the drive was still chugging along doing something.

I spent about 10 years programming MUD2 to work under various flavours of Unix, so Linux isn't all that unfamiliar to me. However, in the past I was writing a text game in text from a text command line, so I didn't ever really have a need for a graphical user interface (just as well, as I could never get X11 to work with my graphics cards anyway). Ubuntu is graphical by default, however, so I got to experience its swanky user interface.

Hmm. The word "beautiful" was the second thing that sprang to mind when I saw it; unfortunately, the first thing was the word "not". It isn't quite as slick-looking as it ought to be. Still, it's eminently usable (well, it became so once I'd downloading a package I was missing) and it was nowhere near as irritating as having to type sudo in front of any command half-worth using.

Now to find out if my 1990s book on network programming still works. Actually, I should probably begin by finding my 1990s book on networking.

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