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4:15pm on Tuesday, 2nd October, 2012:

Back to Square One


Essex University is built around five squares. The original vision was that of an Italianate village, but constructing it out of glass and concrete rather undermined that. Anyway, the squares are numbered in sequence from one at the front to five at the back.

Over the summer, the squares were colour-coded. There had been a half-hearted attempt at this many years ago, but given that squares one and five didn't have much built round them at the time it never really came to anything. This time, though, they've made much more of an effort, lining each square with panels of the appropriate colour. Square one is blue, square two is red, square three is green, square four is yellow, square five still doesn't have much round it so is probably black or white or something, I really should look.

Anyway, off square four and close to square three is a cybercafé called the Limehouse. Lime is like a cross between green and yellow, so that's an appropriate name for it. However, between squares two and three is another cybercafé called the Orangery. That doesn't make so much sense. It would make sense if square three were yellow instead of green, and of course the Limehouse would still be OK if square four were green instead of yellow. As it is, though, the Orangery ought to be called something more like the Brown or the Beige or something.

I'm sure there's not much difference if you're colour-blind, anyway; or, indeed, if you're just blind.

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