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5:39pm on Monday, 31st January, 2011:

Difficult Lecture


I gave the first lecture on virtual worlds on my Virtual Worlds module today. The first two lectures were on Lua; now I'm actually teaching what I know best. Actually, as I pointed out in the lecture, I'm not so much teaching as educating; whether students get educated is up to them, more than to me. I'm pouring petrol on the fires of their imagination; if they have no fires, well they just get a head full of petrol...

This was a very difficult lecture for me, and not just because every time I spoke I jabbed my lip on my sharp to-be-capped canine. The subject was the history of virtual worlds, which meant I had to spend a lot of time on what amounted to self-aggrandisement. I really do not like doing that; I find it embarrassing and arrogant. My problem is that I do need to teach the history of virtual worlds, and MUD does play a big part in that. I basically had to grit my teeth and go through it as objectively as I could. It was painful, though...

Still, the students stayed awake until the end, though, which is something, I suppose.

Oh, because Essex's courses are publically available, you should be able to see my lecture here if you want to experience my discomfort. It's not a pretty sight (literally, in the case of ADVENT, as the font I used didn't convert to .pdf format..!).

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