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4:01pm on Saturday, 30th July, 2011:

Call me Suspicious but...


As a graduate, our elder daughter has now found herself on the receiving end of a monster student loan debt. So as to free her up from having to spend the next 30 years paying it off, we decided to pay it off for her (having taken out a savings policy when she was born precisely for this eventuality) (yeah, we're visionaries). If we were simply to hand her the money she might have to pay gift tax on it or something, so the best approach seemed to be to pay the Student Loans Company direct while she's still a student and we're financially liable for her. Officially, although she has graduated, she is indeed still a student until the end of this month. That means we have to pay off her debt this weekend.

On Thursday, for the first time in her entire life, my wife managed to get her debit card eaten by an ATM which meant she had no access to her bank account or online banking facility. That means I have to pay the loan out of my account with my debit card.

Call me suspicious, but...

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