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10:43am on Monday, 29th August, 2011:



I looked at the sales figures for my Kindle novel for young adults today, and have something of a dilemma. After selling well for $0.99 initially, it flatlined. I raised the price to $1.99 and didn't sell any for that amount, so I raised it again to $2.99. Today, I was expecting to have to raise it to $3.99, but something surprising had happened: I sold a copy at $2.99. It might be approaching the "natural" value that people would expect to pay for a novel of this kind. Hmm. So should I raise the price again or leave it?

I've decided to raise it to $3.49 and see how that goes.

Maybe I should just make it $349, on the grounds that I need to sell fewer copies that way? After all, we know from free-to-play games that 5% of the people in purchasing group will spend more than the other 95% put together, many times over...

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