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6:57pm on Tuesday, 29th March, 2011:

Greater Than Zero Tolerance


I mentioned last week that the university has a zero tolerance policy towards student assignment submissions. Sadly, this does not extend to the marking of student assignments.

I have eight final-year student projects to supervise and one for which I'm second assessor. A week ago on Monday was Project Presentation Day, for which the students created posters. We had to mark them. There are two markers per project, and the supervisor has to submit the marks to the Module Supervisor by April 1st.

I did my marking when I got home that very day. I sent the marks out to the other markers. So far, one of them has got back to me with his marks. The others have not. Chances are, at least one won't have done so by the deadline, either.

It's all well and good our putting a zero tolerance on students when it comes to coursework, but we can hardly complain if we're late with the marking ourselves. Of course, given that it's me who will get into trouble because the second examiner hasn't sent me his marks, I'm actually rather relieved that this is not the case (not that I buy the argument that it's the supervisor's responsibility to submit the marks — it's the Module Supervisor's responsibility if it's anyone's).

I was going to blog about something else university-related today, too, but have been asked by the Head of Department not to push it so I won't. Sigh...

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