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4:12pm on Saturday, 27th August, 2011:



While spending two and a half hours yesterday looking for the card with my elder daughter's National Insurance number on it (my wife found it this morning; she'd apparently secreted it "where it's supposed to be"), I came across a small cache of interesting stuff. They included these two cuttings from the North Eastern Gas Board newspaper about my dad's dad, who would have been 100 earlier this month if he'd lived that long. Here they are:

Because it mentions different sizes for his matchbox collection, they're obviously several years apart. Both mention his Boer War matchbox, and one shows him holding it with the candle out. Quite how it managed to be both an "1867 Boite Bougeoir" and "used by soldiers in the Boer War" isn't apparent. Even if it were the first Boer War, that started 13 years after the box was made. Boite Bougeoir means "candle box", by the way.

I've looked on the Internet for one of these matchboxes for ages, but have never seen one. I wonder if there are any around outside of museums now? Or even inside of museums?

Referenced by 17th July, 1974.

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