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4:03pm on Saturday, 26th March, 2011:



As I started to drive home from doing the shopping in Sainsbury's today, I suddenly felt this weird thing going on in my left shoulder. It was like the muscles were sliding around or something. I wanted to stretch my arm out, but I couldn't as I was driving, so it wasn't until I got home that I could finally move it until the muscles clicked into place.

When I did so , I found that I'd regained almost all the movement I lost when my shoulder seized up in 2008. There's still one muscle that's in the wrong place, but I can now once again put my left arm behind my back and my right arm behind my head then bring them together so the fingers of each hand touch between my shoulderblades.

I've no idea what caused this sudden unseizure, but I wish I hadn't been driving when it happened — I might have got the last muscle back in its slot and been able to interlock my fingers rather than just touch them together.

Mind you, my right elbow has been giving me gyp for about a month now...

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