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5:51pm on Monday, 25th July, 2011:

More Stutty Trip Pics


Following the Stuttgart conference, its organiser (Thorsten Quandt) took us on a drive to one of the local castles: Hohenzollern. It's on the top of a hill and you can see it for miles. This is what it's like when you get there:

well, it looks like that once you regain consciousness having walked up a steep climb you told people you could manage easily so as not to lose face.

The views from the castle are spectacular:

There are better ones that than, but unfortunately my photographs are lousy...

That said, I seem to be able to take pictures of bits of doors reasonably well:

This is Tuebergen, an old university town:

As you'll have noticed, it looks nothing like a British town, it's more like a jigsaw puzzle picture

There's a lot more grafitti around in the place than I was expecting. I think this is supposed to look this this though:

I like this little guy:

Here's the town square, taken from an alley that overlooks it:

I would have taken it from inside the square but there was some kind of music festival going on and you had to pay if you wanted to enter. A bit tough if you live there, perhaps.

German food!

If you don't like sausages that taste of hot dog and ice cold potato salad, eat somewhere else.

We kept being buzzed by wasps, so I trapped a couple of them in my lemonade mug:

A third one was making a nuisance of itself but I squashed that one. For the benefit of those among you who don't like the thought of wanton cruelty to vicious, stinging insects, I'm sure it probably reassembled itself and flew off after we left.

Stuttgart itself is quite pretty, too. In common with many of the larger German towns, it used to be capital of its very own country so has a full set of palaces and so on. Here's the main one:

Here's the mandatory impressive church:
It was packed with people, too, which is more than can be said for the main shopping drag. This is what it looked like at 11:30am...

Stuttgart is twinned with about ten other cities, one of which is:

Hmm, you drew the short straw there, Stuttgart...

Here's a nice square:

The market hall is supposed to be one of the most magnificent in all Germany:

I guess I'll never know, though, seeing as how it was shut...

Stuttgart seems unusually pleased with its railway station, which is on all the mugs and touristy things on display in the windows of the closed shops. It has a tower at one end:

Remarkably, they let you go up it. Even more remarkably, it's free! Here's a view from it that shows off Stuttgart's hilly side:

Here's another view, featuring that TV tower we went up the other day:

I have a ton more pictures, but let's stop there. There's no need to make you suffer just because I had nothing to do but take photos on account of how NONE OF THE SHOPS WERE OPEN.

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