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6:27pm on Saturday, 25th June, 2011:



When I was heading back to the car with my shopping in Sainsbury's today, I was stuck behind a man pushing a woman in a wheelchair. However, the man himself was a little exasperated, because he could have gone faster but was being held up by an elderly couple in front of him. The man had two heavy bags and the woman was using a walking stick. They, too, could have gone faster but were in turn being held up by this, well ENORMOUS teenage girl. No way could either the old man with the bags or the woman with the stick get past her — she was wider than both of them put together. It was incredible. Even more incredible, she was wearing Lolita-style clothes. I didn't know they made over-the-knee socks that big, but apparently they do. She had some kind of bodice on, but I couldn't tell if it was a corset or was merely a regular top a couple of Xs smaller than the rest of her outfit.

Geechhh, I'm still getting flashbacks.

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