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3:25pm on Saturday, 24th September, 2011:



One of the things about collecting sets of old playing cards is that you need somewhere to put them. I've been stacking them on a shelf, but they keep falling off so I've been looking for a storage solution for them. There are some reasonable boxes in stationery shops for storing bits and bobs, but none of them are quite the right size to hold all varieties of cards. Some are slightly too short, or slightly too narrow, or way too large to be practical.

Yesterday, I finally cracked and decided to make some card containers myself. I bought a set of drawers for holding A4 paper and made wooden inserts for them. Here's the result:

They look a lot better far away than they do close up. I'm planning on painting them so as to cover up all the ham-fistedness. The saying is that a bad workman blames his tools, so on this basis I can happily report that I'd have made a better job of it if my coping saw weren't so blunt.

I knew those half-inch panel pins I bought 25 years ago would come in useful eventually.

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