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4:10pm on Thursday, 24th March, 2011:

My Turn


Monday's CE317 lecture was rescheduled to today because Monday was Final Year Project presentation day. I gave the lecture on Tuesday in the class slot, though, because that was in a better room and at a better time and there was a fighting chance that someone would show up (in the end, four students did). I'm sure the ten students who had better things to do with their time will read the slides; I'll find out come the exam, anyway...

This meant that the rescheduled lecture slot today was the final CE317 class of the year. CE317 classes are discussion classes, so I give out papers to read and then we discuss them. This time I gave them 20 pages on the Hamzanama of Akbar. The lecture was at 9am. There were striking lecturers picketing the car parks. Guess how many students made an appearance?

It was my turn to write the message on the whiteboard:

As it happened, at 9:12 a student did appear, and another had told me previously he would be there but was going to be late, so it wasn't quite that bad. I still cancelled, though, because it's hard to have a discussion class with just three people.

Maybe the others were working on their assignment (due in tomorrow...).

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