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3:58pm on Tuesday, 22nd November, 2011:

Memory Recovery


At the weekend, I went into the attic to try find my copy of Neuromancer to give to my elder daughter. I didn't find it, but I did find a box containing old photographs, including the three albums I took at university while I was a student that I thought I'd lost.

They're not good photos. My camera wasn't good, they're 30 years old, they pick up ink from the photos facing them (when I say "albums", I mean "scrap books I glued them into"). It's good to have found them again, though.

Here's a typical example: a photo of Roy Trubshaw. It was too dark for my camera, it's grainy, its yellows have darkened, and it had bits of scrapbook card on it until I brushed them off:

Note the teleprinters behind him: this was a long time ago in computing terms. Just to give a sense of what that means computationally, there are 340,690 bytes in that image, or 2,725,520 bits. MUD, the program Roy and I are famous for having written, was 70k of 36-bit words, or 2,580,480 bits. There are more bits in that image of Roy than there were in MUD.

Ah, memories of memory.

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