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3:25pm on Sunday, 22nd May, 2011:

A Blustery Day


It's quite windy today, which meant I had a dilemma as to whether to cut the grass or not. Wind means I can use the atomiser attachment to my mower, because the dust it creates will be blown away fairly rapidly. However, it also means there could be rain on the way.

I decided to risk it, and although there were some spits of rain there wasn't a downpour. However, the wind was sufficiently strong that the grass was strewn with bits of branches that had blown off nearby trees. Some of these were so big that I had to move them out of the way or they'd have messed up the mower.

OK, so I was mowing under the walnut tree and suddenly there was a gust a bit stronger than the rest. Hanging from the walnut tree is a metal bird-feeder; or rather, I should say, hanging from the walnut tree was a metal bird-feeder. It fell off and hit me on the head.

For the benefit of those among you who have never had a metal bird-feeder fall on their heads, I can accurately describe it as extremely painful and causing of stars before the eyes. I also got a slight graze and a lump.

On reflection, yes, the bird-feeder did have a connection to its hook maintained by only about 2 turns of screw thread at the best of times, and the gust coupled with the vibration of the mower would have been enough to tip it over the edge after a morning of being blown about. Nevertheless, it was still a bit vindictive of the universe to drop it on my head.

This is how I know the entire world isn't a figment of my imagination: my imagination is good, but it's not self-destructive.

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