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3:43pm on Saturday, 19th March, 2011:



I had a sudden idea this afternoon. Out of nowhere came into my head a design for a non-powered wheelchair that could go downstairs. It was great! The idea was that the chair went down sideways: you swung a wheel over an edge which engaged a transverse caterpillar track underneath. A cross-coupled mechanism lowered this while raising the other end and taking the other (independently axled) wheel with it. That second wheel (through its axle) could be used as a brake control on the track.

I had visions of enabling wheelchair access to all sorts of places with this, then suddenly realised its fatal flaw. People in wheelchairs would want to go upstairs as well as downstairs.

Oh well, we'll just have to keep on building ramps.

I wonder if my idea for a golf trolley attachment to the grass bin on my lawnmower so I can wheel it to the compost heap instead of carrying it would catch on?

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