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6:56pm on Friday, 18th November, 2011:



It's the BBC's annual Children in Need fund-raising exercise today, which means I avoid the BBC as much as possible. It's not the rather slack definition of "need" they use (it may be nice for kids with terminal illnesses to meet their favourite TV personalities, but they don't need to); rather, it's the way it's all getting horribly forced. There are events and specials that are supposed to be funny but aren't, as if they've been put together by someone who has an intellectual understanding of what "funny" is but no emotional understanding of it (I call this female clown syndrome). Someone has read somewhere that getting newscasters to perform a song-and-dance routine is funny, therefore theyget newscasters to perform a song-and-dance routine. I guess if you find embarrassment funny, then funny it is; if not, though...

I might be persuaded to watch if they have a Dr Who clip or something, so long as it's not Dr Who Do You Think You Are? or somesuch.

Perhaps tonight is the night I install Skyrim?

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