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6:11pm on Sunday, 18th September, 2011:



We went to see a film today: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, starring Gary Oldman as George Smiley.

I saw some of the Alec Guinness TV version in the 1970s, but not much of it; not enough to know the plot, but enough to recall character names and some of the actors. I remember Beryl Reid as Connie Sachs, for example, but not what her role in the story was. Unfortunately, I remembered something else, too: the identity of the mole.

So, I watched the whole movie knowing the identity of the person who was eventually going to be the bad guy. Except, when the big reveal came, it was someone else entirely.

Now this is weird, because I can see very clearly in my mind's eye the mole being revealed by Smiley in the 1970s version. I've since checked the actor playing the character and yes, it's him alright. I can only assume that when I walked in and saw it on the TV it wasn't at the point of the big reveal, it was at some earlier point where it looked like the big reveal.

Oh well. It didn't make much difference to the movie because any one of them could have been the mole anyway, it wasn't as if there were any clues.

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