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5:22pm on Wednesday, 18th May, 2011:

The Eye of the Beholder #9


Continuing the occasional series...

Demi Moore:

Demi Moore is a well-known and respected actress invariably described as beautiful.

Actually, I can see why from still photos — she does look very appealing in many of them. When she moves, though, ohhhh dear. I don't know what animatronics control her facial muscles, but they're programmed to uncanny valley levels. I don't know what it is, but when she speaks or smiles or frowns, it just looks false. Often it is false, becase she's an actress and false is her job; not that false, though...

This isn't some recent Botox thing, because I noticed it the first time I saw her in a film. It's as if her eyes and mouth and eyebrows are all doing what they should be doing, just not quite in synchronisation. I've pointed it out to other people, but no-one else seems to see anything wrong. It creeps me out, though.

Obviously she's not ugly, and when she's not moving I'd go along with calling her beautiful. When she moves, though — aiii!

Yet millions of fans disagree.

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