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2:50pm on Saturday, 17th December, 2011:

The Force is not With Me


I received my copy of Star Wars: the Old Republic today. I installed it, it downloaded a 187Mb patch, I ran it and it wanted me to register. So far, so good. Except when I tried to register, this happened:

OK, a little rooting around on the ol' Internet tells me it's a problem with Firefox that I can fix using regedit. I fix it and yay! Now it knows me! OK, so it took two password resets to get it to do so, but it does know who I am now: I can log in.

Next up, I have to provide the answers to five easy questions about me that people could find the answer to more easily than they could guess my password. After that, it's contact information. After that, it's product registration. After that, it's subscribe.

Subscribe gives this:

I try multiple times, always the same result. I may find I have four SW:TOR subscriptions when they fix the problem, which is apparently being looked at.

So, no SW:TOR for me today. That means I get to write and send the Chrstmas cards that I bought last week after all.

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