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2:33pm on Saturday, 17th September, 2011:

Visby Catch-Up


Now I'm home and have access to a powered computer again, I can blog some pictures I took on my trip to Gotland. Unfortunately, our broadband connection is down so I shan't be uploading them right away...

Here's a typical sight from Heathrow terminal 5:

This is on part of the old harbour wall:

It's disappointing how the person who sticks Space Invaders pictures on walls in assorted cities gets more artistic kudos than the person who designed Space Invaders...

This dog seems to live in the window of a hairdressing salon:

This is a typical scene of Visby inside the city walls:

Now if they made a decent-sized jigsaw puzzle of that, I'd go for it.

These signs are all over the centre of Visby:

There are others tht have the same picture but no red line. I've no idea what they're trying to tell people.

This person-sized graveyard marker in the Gotland Museum dates from about 400AD. You only find that spiral design on graveyard markers in Gotland:

I reckon they had some kind of mechanical means of getting the spirals right, but the expert I spoke to seemed to prefer the idea that the Gotlanders were just amazingly good stonemasons.

There were a bunch of prehistoric game materials in the museum. I took photos, but they didn't come out well because they were behind glass. This one of some dice is about the best of them:

The expert showing us around hadn't given them much thought. After all, they're only games. Seethe...

These outcrops are all over the island:

They're called rauks. See how educational QBlog can be?

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