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9:33am on Wednesday, 15th June, 2011:



I wrote myself a post-it note last week to remind me to, well, see for yourself:

Hmm. When I spotted the note on Sunday, I realised that I couldn't actually read it. I knew what the second word was ("for") and by repeatedly writing out "Books" and "Boots" was able to establish that the first one was the former, rather than the latter. Books for whom, though?

All attempts at deciphering it came to nothing, so I had to resort to brute force remembering. I set up a process to go away and find a memory of my actually writing it. Finally, this morning, it came back with the result. The first two words were correct. The third was ... well, I'll tell you tomorrow, so you can have the fun of seeing if you're better at reading my writing than I am myself. All I'll say for now (so you know it's fair) is that the third word is not a proper noun and it is in English.

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