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8:38am on Thursday, 14th July, 2011:

A New Campaign


After realising that my Facebook advertising campaign for my young adult novel was reaching the same 11,500 teenage girls every day (that is, the reach barely rose but the frequency of receiving the ad went up relentlessly), I suspended the campaign and launched a new one aimed at the same group of people in the USA. I changed the wording of the ad slightly, so it now looks like this:

I figured that kids aged 13-14 probably implicitly understand that when they see an ad it's been targeted at them, so they know it's for kids; saying it's for kids is patronising.

This new campaign has been running a few days now. It's reached 34,500 people, garnered 23 clicks and led to 3 sales (I'm now up to 14). The number of times each person has seen it is now 6, though, so I'll suspend it and try another campaign instead. Hmm, I think this time I'll target their parents.

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