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5:21pm on Saturday, 14th May, 2011:

A Long Wait


Back in 1969, I was looking for a football club to support and decided to go with whichever team won the FA Cup that year. It was Manchester City. It looked a good decision: they won the League Cup and the European Cup-Winners Cup the next year.

In 1976, they won the League Cup again.

They then proceeded to win absolutely nothing, and in 1998 they wound up in what would have been the old league division three (currently known as league one). At that point I gave up on them.

Nevertheless, I have to say I'm very pleased they won the FA Cup this afternoon. If there are any 9-year-old boys who decide to follow them as a result, I suspect they're likely to have more luck seeing them win trophies over the next 30 years than I did.

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