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4:31pm on Monday, 14th March, 2011:

Jack Explained


The mystery of yesterday's writing on the Jack of Clubs is revealed, thanks to QBlog readers Henry Mueller and Marc Hamann, both of whom speak French somewhat better than I do. The G in Grefle is actually a very ornate T, and there should be an accent on the first e. This makes it say Trèfle, which is the French for Club(s).

I did actually check out the Wikipedia page on suit names to see if any of them looked like they said Grefle, but they didn't. I knew that the French word was Trèfle, but it didn't look like that to me. However, my experience of reading 19th century French cursive handwriting is somewhat limited, and what I was sure was a G turned out to be a T to the more discerning eye.

Damn. I was hoping there had been a famous French person called Grefle and I was sitting on a signature worth a fortune.

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