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1:31pm on Monday, 13th June, 2011:

Unfortunate Interest


On Friday, I started to prepare the talk I'll be giving in Barcelona later this month. For purposes too obscure to go into, I needed a famous romantic novellist who didn't write in English. I went to the Wikipedia page of best-selling authors and the first one up was Corín Tellado — Spanish, as it happens, but I don't suppose that would necessarily win me any kudos in Barcelona.

Anyway, today I started to create the slides so I hit Google picture search for the photo of a young Corín I'd seen on Friday. I easily found it, but also saw another copy of the same picture that hadn't been there on Friday. Hmm, I wonder why not?

I clicked on it, and was taken to this page. It's from the Latin American Herald Tribune and it's dated June 13, 2011 (so that's today). The headline is: Spanish Romance Novelist Corin Tellado Dies. Apparently, she went to that great romantic novel in the sky on Saturday.

Oops! Sorry, Corín!

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