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10:08pm on Monday, 12th September, 2011:

Juiced Up


I managed to recharge my laptop a little thos morning when I found that the adapter for a completely diferent make and model of tablet computer owned by a friend in Visby (Mirjam Eladhari) happened by some miracle to fit. This means I can write QBlog in the complete confidence that I won't run out of power tomorrow (when I repeat the talk I gave today) or, most probably, the day after (when I give my much longer presentation).

Today's talk went well. Speaking before me was Mike Sellers and speaking after me was Ernest Adams, so it was a bit like an inverse sandwich: meat on the outsides and bread in the middle.

What's bloggable about this is a quite emotional moment that arose in Mike's talk. He was saying something about projects he'd worked on in the past and mentioned that he'd spent two years working on an MMO that was canned. He added that it was based on the TV series Firefly, whereupon the audience (maybe 100 students) collectively and as one sighed with disappointment. It was almost heart-breaking in its poignancy — worse for Mike, I guess, because it showed just what could have been if it weren't for the short-sightedness of the publisher. The whole thing was being videoed, so there's a possibility that the clip could make it to Youtube. If it does, that three seconds of spontaneus disappointment should be enough to make any publisher worth their salt bid for the Firefly IP.

Maybe one day...

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