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3:07pm on Thursday, 12th May, 2011:

First Purchase


This morning, I made my first app purchase for me new iPad 2: Keynote, the Apple equivalent of PowerPoint. I figured that I might be able to use the device to give presentations, and after checking out a few candidates it looked as if Keynote was probably the best. The documentation said it worked with .ppt files, and the users who commented on it agreed.

It turns out that it does indeed work on .ppt files, but I shan't be using it. None of the 40 fonts that the iPad comes with are anything like the two I use for my slides (Comix and Comix Heavy), and you can't install new fonts on it. Embedding the fonts into the .ppt file makes no difference — they're ignored.

I had such high hopes of finding a bluetooth-to-VGA adaptor, too, so I would wander around, tablet in hand, without being attached to theprojector through a length of never-long-enough cable...

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