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3:10pm on Tuesday, 11th October, 2011:

A New Term


The Essex University autumn term started yesterday (yes, we do start late) and today it was my first lecture: CE217, Computer Game Design. Despite its being a second-year module, this is the first lecture that the students who are on the Computer Games degree get that is actually about computer games. Except, this opener not about computer games, it's about games in general, but hey, these people are desperate enough to take that until I eventually get around to the computer part in, oh, let's say a few weeks.

The lecture was in room 3.108. This is a room that, despite all my years at the university, I have never visited prior to today; the fact that it has "Language Lab 2" on the door may have something to do with that. None of my students had visited it before, either, judging by the evidence of there being only a third of them present when the lecture formally started. Most of the rest did show up within 10 minutes, though, which was good. It would have been better if they'd shut the door after them when they came in so I didn't have to keep go shutting it myself; the only one of them who did shut it behind him turned out not actually to be on my course — he was a PhD student sitting in on it. Obviously only a postgraduate education equips students with the requisite knowledge of how wood can be used to plug holes in walls.

I gave them my usual admonishment about how to spell the word LOSE. Time will tell if it's had an effect (it didn't last year — someone still spelled LOSE as LOOSE in the exam and duly lost a mark for it). They seem a jolly lot, though, so I have high hopes that many of them were paying attention.

Next week we have our first class, in which I'll set the assignment. They may not be so jolly after that.

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