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1:35pm on Monday, 11th July, 2011:

Turquoise Star


I received an email this morning telling me I'd had 100 positive recommendations on eBay and now had a turqoise star by my name. Given that these 100 recommendations are almost entirely from my purchasing things, rather than my selling things, it seems quite a lot; if anyone had asked me, I'd have guessed at more like 50 that 100. I suppose if you add up the 1869 maps, playing cards and copies of Knights of the Dinner Table #4, it doesn't seem so unreasonable, though.

Along with the email about having a turquoise star, I also received a printable certificate telling me I had a turqoise star. This is it (it's a .pdf file). I can print it out and display it proudly. So can you, as it happens, as it doesn't have my name on it or anything, it's just generic. How much would it have hurt to put the recipient's name on it? Some certificate that is...

I bet the students getting their degree certificates next week at the university will expect their names to be on them. Otherwise, they'd be transferrable and I could sell my BSc if I no longer needed it.

I wonder what my students got as their degree classifications this year? No-one ever tells us anything, they just assume we know.

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